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A Letter from Jesse Campbell
Neil McLaughlin
By Neil McLaughlin
Published on 7/05/2015
St Peter's Alumni Jesse Campbell (2007) is living the equestrian dream, based in Badminton training with the New Zealand Eventing Team. He sends us this newsy dispatch.

St Peter's Alumni Jesse Campbell (2007) is living the equestrian dream, based in Badminton training with the New Zealand Eventing Team. He sends us this newsy dispatch.

Dear St Peter’s,

Several years have passed since I was the St Peter’s Sportsman of the Year, Waikato Junior Sportsman of the Year and SPARC Future Champion. My Olympic goal is now getting very close and I write to give you a brief update on where I am at now.

In January 2015 I was delighted to be selected again, as one of eight riders, onto the New Zealand Eventing High Performance squad, a great honor given three riders from 2014 did not make the cut and no new riders brought onto the squad. I am tucked into the Accelerator part of our High Performance squad; my 3-Star horse ‘Kaapachino’ was sidelined last year with an injury, and my young horse ‘Amsterdam’ will gain his Olympic qualification this year.

On May 6th ‘Kaapachino’ and I compete at the 2015 Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials, the world’s premier and toughest 4-Star event. ‘Kaapachino’s’ outstanding results from 2013 gave us automatic entry to Badminton. (Badminton officials assess result from the previous two years) 25 riders are wait-listed. Our preparation is going well, over the past three months I have lost 12 kilos through a strict diet and fitness regime, I need to be as light as my frame will allow and very fit. ‘Kaapachino’s’ fitness is also right on track.

Badminton has asked me to be their official blogger. For an insight into my progress and life you can view my first Badminton interview here

I will be posting weekly progress reports to the Badminton site as we count down to the start. You can also follow me on my website which showcases videos of my horses in action and regular updates.

I encourage you all to LIKE my Jesse Campbell Eventing Facebook page and show your support for ‘Kaapachino’, my wonderful Waikato bred thoroughbred as he steps up to the Badminton super elite, a journey which has taken him five years of intense training. He is not the most naturally gifted horse, but he has tremendous heart, a true kiwi. He’s a legend – C’mon Kaapy!!!

Over the past two years I have added three new horses to my team: ‘Cleveland’, ‘Talking Point’ and ‘Elmo’ and I am in the process of sending ‘Flash Harry’ an exceptional young thoroughbred, from NZ to my base in the UK. I have an outstanding young team, any one of these horses could make the step to world championship level.

Many years ago I sat in Mr. Robb’s office, keen to be granted a scholarship so that I could attend St. Peter’s. My Olympic goal was very firmly set in my mind as a young boy and the scholarship I received for the next five years was a tremendous asset. I hope you all take pride in knowing St. Peter’s School rides with me as I ride into the ring at Badminton and push for this next big Olympic challenge. Every little bit of support towards my Olympic goal has been appreciated.

I trust you will find my official Badminton post and my website informative.

If you are coming to the UK I welcome your contact and would love to show you my team and where I am based in Marlborough.

Warmest regards,

Jesse Campbell

NZ High Performance Athlete