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Completed Projects

The St Peter's Alumni has embarked on a number of worthwhile projects in recent years; for details, see below.

If you have any suggestions for projects which will benefit the St Peter’s Community, please contact the Development Manager .

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    The Alumni Marquee is a means of raising the Alumni profile around the School and wider community; the Jubilee weekend was a useful indication of how committee members can use this as a venue to present a positive, smiling face for visitors.

    Following a lengthy gestation period, the 2009 AGM saw the official launch of the Alumni Website:
    • News and events
    • Memories
    • Profiles of alumni and staff
    • Alumni Projects

    One of the most important projects from the 1970s was the commissioning of a bronze bust of the founder, AFB Broadhurst, to commemorate the formal opening of the Senior School in April, 1972.

    An Atlas Cedar (Cedrus Atlantica) was chosen as an appropriate tree to remember this very popular headmaster, who served St Peter's from 1961 until his retirement in 1978.

    David Thornton served the school for over 17 years; he made it a happy place to be in and gave generations of schoolboys a shining example to follow.

    That St Peter’s now has a flourishing secondary department is due to his vision and energy.

    After more than four decades of continuous service, by the early 1980s, the Chapel Organ was showing signs of wear and tear. A full overhaul was necessary and an appeal was launched to raise funds for the project. Generous donations were received from Alumni members and other supporters of St Peter’s. This allowed an extensive rebuild, and the organ was fully reinstated in October, 1990.

    In 2002, following discussion at the Alumni AGM, it was decided that the Alumni should set up a reserve to fund scholarships for children or grand-children of Alumni Life Members.

    The Alumni Committee provides guidelines for this scholarship to the Principal who makes the selection.

    The Alumni Chapel Organ Scholarship was created in 2011, in celebration of the 75th Jubilee.

    The scholarship will be used primarily to pay for organ tuition; the balance to be used at the principal’s discretion for the purchase of sheet music, examination fees, attendance at concerts and conference registration.

    The recipient will have some responsibility for playing the chapel organ at weekly chapel services and special recitals, as appropriate

    The Brock Pool was named after Mike Brock, an enthusiastic supporter of the Alumni Association. It is appropriate that one of the 10 lanes in the 25m x 25m, swimming pool should have been donated by the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association also wishes to acknowledge the many individual Alumni members and their families who generously supported the fundraising project.

    This fine clock was installed in 1936 above the sports pavilion at the top of the stairs leading up from the playing fields. Following the disastrous fire of 1984 it was removed for safekeeping.

    The sundial was originally bought to New Zealand for St Peter's by Arthur Broadhurst, when he founded the school. After being damaged, the sundial was, for many years unusable. This was taken up as an Alumni Project in 2006, with Stuart Gouk (1974-1979) overseeing the restoration; the sundial was formally re-opened in April, 2008.

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